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    today, with the development of the Internet, classified information network is also rising, people who believe in doing Internet marketing and 亚博vip6 are falling in love with them, they can provide a lot of support of the chain and also has a good brand effect.

    classification information is to make 亚博vip6 falls in love with, is because Internet marketing is going to them promote the brand, bringing traffic and was invited by Baidu, Google and other major search engines for Network Alliance, to take their advertising revenue. However, the classified information network for ordinary Internet users solve many real problems, which is strongly supported by the Internet, so it can be said that classified information network appears, is the result of a three-win, so the formation of the current rise of this mushrooming situation normal.

    However, as extension workers and 亚博vip6er, how to make good use of information net? home and everyone would share in the network management:

    first thing to do is the selection of classified information network. For selecting a good classified information network is better than release information important. As we all know, now classified information network can be said to be a dime, grabbed a handful, but it is clear that a large part of which is not worth the waste of time and energy, because rarely included, second ranked little.

    in the network management home will classification information network according to ' Super links ' and ' pure text links ' is divided into two class, which in has super links of classification information network in the, I think compared good of has: Guest set align network (included rate is greater than 50%, included fast), list network (sent a received a a, absolute seconds received), every now and then information network (included rate about 30%, included more slow), Bibi posted information network (included rate about 40%, included more slow),.

    is pure text links of has: yell network (almost full received, included fast), 168 information network (included rate about 40%, included more fast), baby cool network (included soon, but need points to sent information), 51 with city network (included rate about 40%, included more fast), this problem network (included rate about 30%, included more slow), fast points 8 (included rate is greater than 50%, included more fast),.

    followed by the skills of a registered user name. At the time of registration, the user name in Chinese, choose target keywords for your yabo.com官网 user name; not in Chinese.

    published an article considerations also have to pay special attention to matters: sending classified information are well aware, classification of information is sometimes not easy to serve, the most taboo is the wrong category. Once found a dead certainty, or even direct account was deleted, so how to tell Web yabo.com官网 managers wits. Add a picture if you can, try to add one or two images, improve the readability of the article, and secondly can improve your rate, if it is made of pictures, that can also be used directly to brand, product information, and other effects.

    finally after classified information is made must be reviewed. Classifications, not all information sent. After the review and summary: [1] stable situation (some charged the same day but not the next day, like good speaker); [2] keywords ranking situation (have an effect for a long time); [2] in weeks, months to analyze to improve collection rates and ranking methods; [3] Note characteristics of each classified information network (if included, webyabo.com官网 weight, Web browsing, etc); [4] records. This series of analyses, summary, table is needed to record.

    classification, figured out how to better skills, sent messages are more likely to be included, do work, which is true.


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