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yb3in to use watercress network network promotion

    douban is a "hobby" is based on Web2.0 social platform. Users of douban not as stiff as renren's real name, not like Sina weibo no stickiness. Douban world where you can be free to speak about books, movies, music reviews. You can search for other people's recommendation, all content, classification, filtering, sorting, and decisions produced by the user, even the bean home page content also depends on your choice.

    douban that open and free network environment is undoubtedly need to flounce turf that is Internet marketing.

    now the watercress, it has a large, active user groups. On practical application. While it is good to have mass outside the chain, high conversion rate results.

    but for a lot of Internet marketing friend, probably has not been exposed to douban or just to stay in the post promotion stage. Which did not touch the watercress network the most effective means to promote the brand. Network management in a small addendum to elaborate on promoting four Raiders douban, and let you learn more about watercress.

   , roll-basic Forum-join the group, jiayoulin.

    b, do the Forum operations, conversion rate--the key to create groups.

    III, Super exposure--on the planning line and city activities.

    four, want to build a brand--created station.

    If you want to promote a company, product, or simply a topic, you can use the station to set up their own base, and the name of the station will also get a good ranking.

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