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yb4in yabo88 app revision
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yb4in yabo88 app revision

   : webyabo88 app the main causes?

    yb4inyabo88 app because one yabo88 app is professional, beautiful, but no traffic. Created a number of "vase" corporate yb4in yabo88 app is our problem? Speed reboot network believes that is partly because enterprise value lacks a rational and comprehensive understanding of the yabo88 app; don't know what yabo88 apps to play its role is based on a flow basis. Most managers of network marketing expertise is limited, making it difficult for the professionalism of the yabo88 app be improved severely limits the value of corporate webyabo88 apps.

    yb4inyabo88 app causes two webyabo88 app traffic, but the customer conversion rate is too low. For a enterprise/company webyabo88 app,, webyabo88 app itself design not professional, and not beautiful, user experience poor, even input heavily do has webyabo88 app promotion often is resulted is micro-, so science of way except for must of webyabo88 app marketing promotion zhiwai, put webyabo88 app revision of professional, improve user experience will more important, this is why increasingly more of enterprise willing to spent heavily for webyabo88 app revision, improve user experience, improve customer into rate of reasons.

    II: the main change webyabo88 app content?

    after the first generation of yb4in yabo88 app and beautiful design thinking and next-generation yb4in user experience design thinking. Has been unable to adapt to the new era of yabo88 app explosion! Highlighted how many yb4in yabo88 apps has become the key to electronic warfare, into user-oriented yb4in yabo88 app design from the past-oriented search engine. I keeper called design thinking: the third generation of design thinking. yb4inyabo88 app redesign for a modified third generation design thinking to guide the main contents:


    search engine rarely viyabo88 appd yabo88 apps, most are simple functions, information-poor yabo88 app. In order to browse for users and network management easy, and give the search engines a better collection, on the yabo88 app to add some much-needed feature is extremely important.

    restructuring of

    yb4in yabo88 app construction company built to enterprise to get over a cheating eye of the drawings simply structured. So, to your webyabo88 app has a good search and ranking, webyabo88 app structure should not be overlooked.

    build navigation

    navigation is not only to explore the user, is for search robots to see, be sure to let the search engines know that we want to make it what kind of pages are updated frequently, wanted him to recommend what type of information. However, Chinese yb4in yabo88 apps, almost 95% navigation.


    We see the yabo88 app is actually the source code is parsed. Open source code is too long will not only affect the yabo88 app's speed, but will also affect the rankings included. Especially for the easy way out and use JS code generation Visual effects, was disgusted by the search engines.

    three: webyabo88 app what is the process?

    for webyabo88 app business, our workflow is as follows:

    1, understanding the user needs

    to communicate with customers, to understand the customer's construction yabo88 app's purpose. And in-depth analysis of the customer's industry, including industry features, customer profile, customer requirements, user experience.

    2, assessment of the original webyabo88 app

    on the original webyabo88 app diagnose, analyze, and summarize the problem briefly develop the diagnosis report, formulation and implementation of programme webyabo88 app.

    3, developing an effective yabo88 app redesign of

    according to the yb4in yabo88 app project time schedule, we will be developing an effective yabo88 app redesign.

    4, implementation of the webyabo88 app

    yb4inyabo88 app in the process of implementing, Kai network speed will be the original yabo88 app of data backup, migration, and recovery work, guarantee the continuity of the yabo88 app.

    four: speed start network technology advantage of webyabo88 app?

    in the implementation of a large number of webyabo88 app projects, we realize that many customers in the construction yabo88 app before the yabo88 app's value has no deep understanding exists in name only so caused a significant portion of the corporate yb4in yabo88 app, you cannot really bring tangible benefits to the enterprise. What businesses need webyabo88 apps? In fact, the answer to this question is simple, need a webyabo88 app that can generate the greatest interest? Interests here reflected, what does? Enterprises wishing to establish e-commerce yabo88 app to sell their products, and enterprises to establish information in order to enhance the corporate image, brand influence. Achieve these objectives are built into visitors, attracting visitors as a precondition. Speed and restart the network in Wuhan with a yb4in yabo88 app to understand some finds that many corporate webyabo88 apps in terms of system structure, or content of information, far from webyabo88 app marketing goals.

    yb4inyabo88 app philosophy is based on user experience and yb4in yabo88 app for the purpose of marketing, corporate image building and marketing webyabo88 apps, reposition the visual style in consultation with customers, we also provide you with valuable yb4in yabo88 app content, webyabo88 app optimization recommendations, and help you make the most of webyabo88 app strive for greater efficiency. Existing webyabo88 app if you are not up to the desired effect of do? Kai network speed for further planning and design of your yb4in yabo88 app, make your yabo88 app come alive.

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